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Dr. Kajura Charles

Dear members,

Dr. KAJURA CHARLES - Executive DirectorEco-Agric Uganda is proud and happy to take part in promoting sustainable and innovative solutions for smallholder farmers and poor rural people in Uganda.
In this report, you can read about our success, results, our priorities and our challenges in the course of implementing the different projects. For each of the districts where we work, you can also read the stories of the inspiring women and men who seize the opportunities offered by Eco-Agric Uganda and make them their own.
Eco-Agric Uganda has increased the number of beneficiaries. This has been due to the collaborative effort by a remarkable team of staffers and our enthusiastic and generous partners. But, as is true of any season, we wouldn’t have the pleasure of sold-out halls and deafening applause without you, our donors. We thank you for sharing and so ably communicating our vision, mission and goal.
Eco Agric Uganda is pleased to contribute to the economic prosperity and livelihoods promotion of Uganda. This fruitful exchange has paved the way for partnerships with local legal Organizations and an appreciation for the noteworthy contributions made by major corporations and various levels of government.

This year, we are targeting to work home to home and reach house to house targeting the most extremely vulnerable populations. This was made possible by new partners from the USAID/UKaid/GAPP, USAID/PHS, USAID/CRS, Marr munning, Vibrant Village Foundation QSA, among others and in so doing enjoy an experience that benefits our beloved community. Thank you to you all for your loyal support in extending support to the community members.

We thank the district officials and sub county officials for a loyal ally that accommodates our beneficiaries and other people with special needs generosity and whose collaboration has been further developed by advocating and referral actions.

We thank aBi and USAID/UKaid for a faithful and increasingly generous partner; we know that your contribution will make change as usual with Eco Agric Uganda, will do you proud. We gratefully acknowledge the consulate of the Government and its consul for their contributions and helping operate legally.

We thank our public partners for their unwavering faith in Eco Agric Uganda. Year after year, their support serves to strengthen our desire to support the beneficiaries. We also thank the staff and management for the good work done in the field.

We thank our board of directors; without them and our generous donors, Eco Agric Uganda would not exist. A special thanks, also, to Community development sector at Hoima, Kibaale and Wakiso districts.
And lastly, our deepest gratitude to the change agents, Field agents, Community Based Trainers and community monitors/ volunteers who give their time and energy during the community activities like mobilization among others. Your support of the Eco Agric Uganda team is a donation in itself!

To our media partners both in Wakiso, Kibaale and Hoima, your support of our press relations work is immeasurable. You are a source of precious and vital support.
Thank you for continuing to spread the word about the beautiful sustainable services delivery of the performing Eco Agric Uganda projects.

Dr. Kajura Charles
Executive Director
Eco Agric Uganda