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Environmental Conservation

Mulched raised bed

Eco –Agric Uganda promotes different practices in soil conservation that aim at conservation of nutrients in the soil and protecting it from agents of erosion that maintain soil natural formation. we emphasise practices like mulching, contour tranches etc. The organisation also promotes agro forestry, tree planting, water conservation where communities have been trained and encouraged to adopt different approaches like rain off water harvesting, bucket irrigation for enabling crop production throughout the year .

Eco- agric Uganda helps in conserving the environment through providing tree seedling to communities and training the community on how to conserve the environment through planting trees and woodlots and also encouraging farmers to practice aforestration and different agro forestry systems like Alley cropping where people plant trees with crops. With a collaboration with UNDP/ WWF under a project of strengthening sustainable environment and natural resource management in Gombe Sub County in 2014-2015. Eco-agric Uganda was able to establish 10 commercial woodlots whereby it provided 10,550 trees and 1,010 grafted fruit trees to community members of Gombe subcounty.

More on environmental conservation, Eco-Agric also encourages construction of energy saving stoves in communities which help in reducing on the number of trees that are cut done for firewood.