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Over the past 7 years, ECO-AGRIC UGANDA has had the pleasure to work with more than 17 volunteers from Uganda and abroad, including Brasil, Catalonia, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We have been relying on their determination and their skills for a variety of tasks, from helping us at the office, to assist our field officers in our programs, to teaching, to setting up agricultural technology, water systems and eco-buildings. Each and every one of them has contributed within their own vision and capabilities, and we strongly believe that any volunteer who comes to us has something useful to share, depending on their individual background, experience, and education. We cannot thank them enough for their role in our project. Every volunteer at ECO-AGRIC UGANDA has their own story; you can discover some of them below. What will your story be?



Avni Rudaku, Kosovo.

Introduced new learning and listening skills through poultry exhibitions. Participated in children mapping exercise in Buhimba and Buhanika sub-counties.



Simon Prieto, Spain.

He used football to form 5 Youth Groupsin Buhimba, Buhanika and Kiziranfumbi subcounties. He conducted sports activities in OVC schools like St.Thereza Kaigo, Kitonya Model and Ngogoma P/S. Lobbying sports attire for orphanage schools.



Ana Carolina Pont and  Carlos Eduardo Araugo, Brazil.

Introduced a new Eco-House construction method of using soil and sacks.



Natasha Aberle and Alexandru Antonovici, Germany and Italy.

Trained youth groups baking skills as income-generating activities.



Thomas Derr, United States.

Introduced sustainable technologies e.g. water harvesting, making organic manure. Worked with communities as regards saving and lending. Facilitated making of reusable sanitary pads. He helped with the construction of shallow wells and springs in Kihuuga Village, Kiziranfumbi Subcounty.



Eduardo Oliva and Marta Perez, Spain.

Compiled a Video that entailed all SOCY and OVC activities.



Daniel Helvy, Israel.

Introduced and taught youths construction of Eco-friendly mud houses. Built the very first cottage for volunteers using grass and soil mould.



Gina Bosch, Catalonia.

Assisted in pharmacy departments of various health facilities. Promoted health education in primary and secondary schools. Participated in construction at the volunteers' residence.



Bobby Arjomand, United Kingdom.

Participated in construction at the volunteers' residence. Helped with fundraising activities.



Anabela Vargic, Germany, and Delilah Rosebraugh, United States.

Set up new demonstration gardens on the site.



Willemijn van der Meer, Netherlands.

Trained beneficiaries on making bead bags as an income-generating activity.



Chiara Canzutti, Italy.

Assisted in forming groups of HIV-positive people for saving and HIV counselling.